General Information

Q1. What is the Adult Learning Symposium about?

The biennial Adult Learning Symposium (ALS) is Institute for Adult Learning (IAL)’s signature event for Adult Education professionals to network, learn, engage with and signal research and new developments impacting the Training & Adult Education sector. This year, the event would be held fully online.

Q2. When and where will ALS 2020 (Live) be held?

ALS 2020 (Live) will be held fully online on 13 & 14 August (Thursday & Friday) 2020.

Q3. What is the official language for ALS 2020 (Live)?

The official working language for the conference is English. All sessions will be conducted in English.

Q4. Why is this conference relevant to me?

The conference brings together international and local thought-leaders to share leading trends and developments and best-practices in digitalising learning and performance. With the global pandemic set to establish a new norm in the way we live, work, learn and play, ALS 2020 spotlights macro trends and perspectives to unlock fresh insights on responding to challenges and seizing opportunities amidst disruption. At the same time, learning and development practitioners, business leaders and educational leaders will share practical know-how in the nuts and bolts of enabling digital transformation to enable stronger and more sustainable outcomes . Attendees will leave feeling inspired, better equipped to respond to emergent workforce development challenges, and ready to adopt new strategies for implementation.

Registration and Payment

Q1. How much is the cost for registration?

The rates are as follows: Type 1 (Full Conference on 13 & 14 August 2020): $44.94 ($42 before GST) Type 2 (Track 1 (Morning) 13 August 2020): $17.12 ($16 before GST) Type 3 (Track 1 (Afternoon) 13 August 2020): $17.12 ($16 before GST) Type 4: (Track 2 14 August 2020): $17.12 ($16 before GST) Registration is now closed. Thank you for your support. All registered participants will receive a complimentary link to the conference opening on 13 August 2020 (09:00 - 09:30), along with links to the sessions signed up for to your indicated email addresses, nearer to the conference. First 100 registrants for the Full Conference will receive an exclusive trial access to Education Technology (EdTech) tools sponsored by our partners. More details here. Note: The exclusive trial accesses have been fully redeemed. Eligible participants will be contacted by IAL via email nearer to the conference.

Q4. Can I use my SkillsFuture Credit?

We regret that SkillsFuture Credit is not applicable for this conference.

Q8. Can I cancel my registration before the conference and get a refund?

Payment has to be made before the conference. Refund will not be provided for any cancellation or non-attendance.

Q3. Are there any corporate or group rates available?

We regret that we do not offer any corporate or group discounts.

Q6. Are there free sessions if I do not intend to attend the full conference?

The Opening Ceremony on 13 August 2020 (Thursday), 9am to 9.30am and SSG Roundtable Discussion on 14 August 2020 (Friday), 11am to 12pm are complimentary with any type of ticket purchased. Registration is now closed. Thank you for your support.

Q5. Is the conference entitled to any government subsidy?

As the organiser is offering special rates for the e-conference this year, there will be no additional government subsidies available.

Q7. How do I register for the conference if my registration is paid by my organisation?

At the registration page, please provide the billing organisation details and an invoice will be sent to your organisation. Registration is now closed. Thank you for your support.

Q2. Why is registration conducted on a different website?

The registration is managed on a third party website. Only basic information is collected from the participants for the purpose of this conference and all details are kept secured on Microsoft Azure cloud. For credit card payment, information is collected by the secured Worldpay site.

Other Enquiries

Q1. Can I get access to the recording of the sessions?

We regret that recording of the sessions will not be made available. However, the speakers' presentation slides will be uploaded onto the website on 17 August 2020. Please do check the website for updates.